The Corella Pear starring at the Hilton for a limited Season! - Review

Reviewed by Nicole Patterson

Each month the Hilton is working with seasonal produce to come up with some innovative dishes and drinks. This month is the Corella Pear, a crisp, crimson and yellow pear, that was first grown in the Barossa Valley by German settlers in the 19th Century. Named after the colourful Corella parrot it has a three week season of picking, in Adelaide.

The Corella Pear is mild in flavour and lends itself well for cooking and thanks to a creative team of fabulous chefs and cocktail experts you'd be mad not to treat yourself to some of the dishes that are appealing to all sensibilities.

For starters, Who knew that pear and Haloumi would make a great marriage, it did so, glazed with vinocotto, or with salmon,Corella Pear and toasted walnuts.

Or the Corella Pear and celeriac veloute with Rosemary Oil, pear and Waygu beef with a red wine poached Corella Pear.

For the fan of blue cheese, the Corella Pear in a salad that includes proscuitto, and rocket, has the senses reeling.

There is an array of dishes to salivate over. For mains, The roast duck breast with almond parsnip puree and Corella Pear was a highlight.

The steamed Mulloway with Corella Pear and ginger puree, together with a baby betroot salad delivers.

The dessert menu is accomodating with such delights as the, chocolate dipped spiced baby Corella Pear, the Corella Pear terrine and cinnamon Corella Pear fritters that won't disappoint.

The Corella Pear chutney and an assortment of cheeses just to top off your night peared with pear flavoured drinks.

For drinks it is advisable to try the mulled wine that will warm the cockles. Also the rich taste of cloche smoke, an alcoholic drink requiring a day left in a dehydrator, and 'Abracadabra' the result is an amazing drink that includes an edible Corella Pear.

The glasshouse managed by Luke Mangan is worth finishing with some pear inspired liqueur.

These dishes and more are available at the restaurant or as part of the room service menu.