The Diary of Anne Frank - Review

The Diary of Anne Frank is playing at the New Theatre until 11 July. It is an excellent production. The play is written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and has been performed all over the world.

I read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was a teenager and I had forgotten or just not realised what an amazing person Anne was and how mature she was for her age. As the Director Sam says when you watch it you do realise how little has changed and we really don't learn.

The cast:

James Bean - Mr Frank, Rowena McNicols - Meip Gies, Caroline Levien - Mrs Van Daan, Geoff Sirmai - Mr Van Daan, David Wiernik - Peter Van Daan, Jodine Muir - Mrs Frank, Jessie Miles - Margot Frant, Justina Ward - Anne Frank, Martin Searles - Mr Draler and Martin Partus - Mr Dussel, was extremely well cast. All the actors portrayed their characters with empathy and authenticity.

The set, music, lighting etc were all flawless as far as I was concerned. The set changes were smooth and almost un-noticeable. The construction was cleverly thought out to give the sense of confinement and the loft room. The sound effects from underneath and the street also helped create the atmosphere.

For the most part it is light hearted with sinister undertones and it is only at the end when it becomes really melancholic. It is really moving which I think is more so in the great writing and humility the writers have given the script.

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