The Escape Hunt Experience - Review

Right in the heart of the CBD on level 4 there is a hidden treasure.

The What's on Sydney review team went to experience the Escape Hunt first hand.  It was a great morning.

You arrive by lift to a room full of loungers where you sit register and mentally prepare for the adventure that you are about to embark upon.

We were told we were going into the Cottage where a robbery had taken place and we had to find out who was the robber.  We were told there would be clues that we had to follow and one would lead to another and at the end we would know the culprit. The adventure is timed and you have a limit of about an hour.  For those that are very competitive there is a list of teams and the times they took. As you are 'locked' inside the room, if you get stuck you can call on help through a walkie talky. They don't give you the answers but they point you in the right direction.

The rooms were simply decorated but some of the clues and props were very worn.

The tasks/ puzzles are simple to solve once you understand what you have to do, however finding all the bits with just three of us we did find hard and we ran into extra time.

The escape hunt would work well for small party groups and corporate team building, or just a pleasant way to do something different with your family and friends.