The second Annual Winter Festival of the 'Orchestra Seventeen 88' - Review

Reviewed by Nicole Patterson

Photo by Nico Jonker

The second Annual Winter Festival of the 'Orchestra Seventeen 88' on the 15th August 2015, was, to paraphrase the "non-talk" of the artistic director, Richard Gill, "Assumptive." Mr Gill, raconteur as he may be, would throughout his career, have witnessed many, many, many performances that may have been bereft of a living emotion, and, as he honestly praised the ensembles efforts, the audience gave justified approval.

The more sonorous timbre of the 'Period Instruments' were curiously amplified by way of the performance space. Sound is one thing and emotion is another. This ensemble was heartfelt. The programme, for its repertoire, was varied, with 'Mendelssohn', 'Mozart (twice)', 'Hayden' and 'Reicha represented. 
Repertoire, Instrumentation, Performance space and audience all become inconsequential before a 'Tour De Force'  of a master musician. In Mozart's Oboe Concerto in 'C' Major K314, Emma Black humbled everybody, even on the 'Day of the Assumption.'
The standing ovation was appropriate, as after her performance, it was the audience reaching for the sky.
Santa Sabina Chapel 
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21 November 2015