Venus in Fur - Review

Venus in Fur is presented by Darlinghurst Theatre at the Eternity Playhouse until 5 July. It is a complex play which premiered on Broadway in 2011.

The play revolves around two characters Thomas (Gareth Reeves) and Vanda (Anna Houston). Thomas is a playwright who has decided that he is going to direct the play as he believes directors never get it right. The auditions have not gone well, in the search for a female actress. Then suddenly in walks Vanda, late, wet and seemingly unprepared. Thomas dismisses her as she appears to be the same as all the other females he has just auditioned. Vanda convinces him to read with her. As soon as they start you realise and so does Thomas that she knows more about the play and character then she first let on. Vanda plays with him, teasing him and questioning him.

Some parts of the play are very funny. If you have read 50 Shades of Grey, the story has some similarities. Both Gareth and Anna bring their characters alive and put on a great performance. If they slipped up with their lines they covered it up well. With only the two characters both actors needed to be strong. I felt it did lose pace a bit about half way through but then picked up again towards the end.

The staging was minimalist and the costuming was very fitting for the production. There was good use of lighting and the music was subtle.

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Photographs: Helen White