Ibis: Your City, Our Bins


When Ibis' father died defending their home, Ibis and Gran had nowhere to go.

Now fully grown and thriving in the urban sprawl of Sydney, Ibis is bravely championing the rights of Ibises and reconnecting Sydneysiders with the troubled past of the city’s bin chickens*.

Join Ibis on a journey inside the hearts and minds of the birds you hate, charting their move to Sydney and showing there's much more to the ibis than you might think.

"I never expected to feel so much warmth and love for an ibis." - C. Bain, Director of Improv Theatre Sydney.

“Hilarious, addictively slap sticky, and utterly adorable.” - Chuck Moore Reviews

"Always have a lovely stay at these hotels. Very clean." - J. Magee.

Come and meet the bird audiences have called, "inspiring", "so gross" and "surprisingly moving" in the show that will change the way you see your city and the creatures who struggle to call it home, Ibis: Your City, Our Bins.

*Please don't call them that, they prefer to be called Refuse Egrets.

Ibis is played by Bec Melrose, RAW Comedy winning comedian, writer and storyteller.

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The Factory Theatre @ 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204