Easter egg hunt @ Golden ridge Animal Farm


Golden Ridge will be holding our 6th annual EASTER EGG HUNT 

Our fun family event where you will get to participate in all the normal activities as well as enjoy collecting some eggs around the farm which you will get to swap for 3 prizes. 

We will also hide a few special eggs that will win the family some cool prizes including farm passes, toys and games for the kids.

What you will do on the day !

All included in the entry

- On arrival you can collect and colour in your little egg hunt bag!

- Starting off the day with our great EGG HUNT !

- After the egg hunt the children will swap their plastic eggs for prizes like chocolate Easter eggs, novelty toys and lolly's

- We then head indoors to start all the farm activities.

- Milking the cow 

- Bottle Feeding the baby lambs and kids 

- Cuddle the baby rabbits, ducklings and chicks.

- Walk around the farm to feed the animals 

- Enter the open paddock to pat and cuddle the baby goats.

How our egg hunt works !!

We have hidden plastic eggs around the farm. The children and family's set off looking for them once the have collected 3 eggs and possibly found some other prizes as well, they head back to our prize exchange and swap their plastic eggs for real chocolate Easter eggs and toys and lollies. we do this to be sure there is something for everyone.

Extras you may want to add on to make the day extra special.
- Pony rides $5 
- Egg smash game $2. 
- Buckets of Feed (approx 3lt) - $5
- Jumping castle : Normally $5 Free for this event!

Lunch see below for details

Our very popular egg smash game!

This is where the kids can purchase real eggs to smash and certain eggs will win them prizes. (egg smash eggs can be purchased on the day or free for finding a hidden gold egg)

More details on this on the day

Time and Date:
Friday 10th April 2020 --10:00 am till 12.30 pm second session 1.00pm till 2.30pm
Saturday 11th April 2020 --10:00 am till 12.30 pm second session 1.00pm till 2.30pm
Sunday 12th April 2020 --10:00 am till 12.30 pm second session 1.00pm till 2.30pm


Yes you must book,you can try on the morning but we may already be booked out.

The egg collecting will begin at 10:00 am. We advise a 9.45 am arrival. Due to the nature of the activity, safety, cleanliness of everyone and allergies, We will be using plastic eggs for the hunt and then 
exchanged for prizes, chocolate eggs and lolly's.

Entry Cost:
Adults - $30
Children - $30
Under 12 month old's - Free

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