Easter Egg Hunt at Golden Ridge Animal Farm


Easter Event April 2022

Our hunt is set up like no other !!!

Our Easter special event is on again.
Our 8th annual egg hunt for the children and adults, where we hide plastic eggs around the farm yard the family's will walk around and the children can collect the eggs and swap them for chocolate Easter eggs, lollies or other prizes.

Due to the nature of the activity, plastic eggs will be used. Prices and general information below.
Included in the entry cost.
Milk and pat one of our friendly farm cows
Cuddle baby chicks, ducklings, rabbits for the kids and adults to hold.
Head out to our special Easter egg hunt paddock all set up nicely for you to hunt around for eggs.
swap your plastic eggs for real Easter eggs and prize bag.
You can go on a walk around the farm where you get a chance to feed the sheep, goats and larger animals,
Play in the open paddock with them

After the activities you have the option of a pony ride for extra cost
Cost is $30 per person Easter weekend surcharge may apply
Feed buckets $5
Pony rides $5
Digger rides $5
We have a maximum number of spots per day so book in quickly!

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