Suppression Dam


Ensemble Offspring, Casula Powerhouse and Sydney Festival present three celebrated international art music ensembles – Ensemble Offspring (Sydney), International Contemporary Ensemble (New York/Chicago) and Ensemble Adapter (Berlin) – combined to form a supergroup performing a surround sound concert in the vast Casula Powerhouse turbine hall. 

Experience the work of expatriate Australian composers Kate Moore and Natasha Anderson, performed with amplified classical instruments and electronics inside a decommissioned power plant. 

Kate Moore’s award-winning industrial chamber composition The Dam showcases her inimitable swirling rhythmic sound world, while Anderson’s experimental ensemble work Cleave uses spatialised electronics, processed samples and live instruments to create a soundscape of refracted sonic mirrors. Opening the performance is choral composer Alice Chance’s communal sound art project Audience Choir.

Master Chef Federico has designed a main course at Bellbird Dining & Bar (on site) that unites New York, Berlin and Sydney - smoked beef, pickled cabbage (sauerkraut), horseradish, confit baby onions & jus or a vegetarian option based on the best selection of seasonal produce from CPAC's very own kitchen garden. This is a special offer to enjoy at 6pm after the performance on Saturday, or at 12.30pm, before the performance on Sunday, only $25 with a glass of Artemis wine included! This can be booked at the same time as your concert tickets to make a wonderful event package.

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