Krump Lab: Learning all the basics with Shutdown


Krump is a form of dance created by street artists “Tight Eyez” and “Big Mijo” in South Central, Los Angeles. Free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic, Krump is all about conditioning the mind & body and communicating the dancer’s personal emotions.

Led by Australian Krump Champion Shutdown (aka BADDBEAST), this intensive one-week workshop will start with the basic to intermediate techniques of “Foundation of Krump”. Then the participants will move to the next phase known as “Creation” and explore different moves that can be applied to Krump. Curated in the style of “Lab (Learning All Basics)”, participants will be asked to send a video to Shutdown and Shaun Parker daily as part of their personal dance development project. They will then have intensive technique practice through each class during the week. 

When: Monday 28 September - Friday 2 October, 11am to 4pm 

Price: $100 (including booking fees)
Creative Kids voucher can be used for this works to participate for FREE.
Venue: Online unless otherwise advised (Zoom links will be provided prior to workshops)

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