Looking for Gamers Sydney


LFG has a variety of gaming experiences. For the board gamer, LFG provides a huge selection of eurogames, social games, co-operative games and strategy games. For those who enjoy role playing, GM's from across Sydney are providing one-shot role playing campaigns which are sure to provide adventure and excitement. Or if you're keen to try out your newly designed game, sign up for the protospiele, where game designers get a master class from some of the best designers in Australia. Finally, come talk to our exhibitors, who can teach you to play games, help you paint miniatures, get you copies of their newest and most exciting games, and get you involved within the Sydney gaming community.

Dates and Times:
Fri 12 July: 6pm - Midnight
Sat 13 July: 10am - Midnight
Sun 14 July: 10am - 10pm

Limited tickets so buy your ticket from Eventbrite website

Any questions? Shoot us an email at: crew@lfg.com.au or visit  http://syd.lfg-aus.com.au/index.html

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Bankstown Sports Club @ 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia




Email: crew@lfg.com.au