Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise


Just like the early settlers centuries ago, you too can experience the unforgettable thrill of cruising on Sydney Harbour in classic style and comfort. Board our 1850s-style tall ship and cruise Sydney Harbour whilst enjoying lunch prepared freshly onboard by your friendly crew.

Departing from Campbell’s Cove, we set sail for a wonderful adventure! We will cruise past all of Sydney’s biggest attractions including Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Fort Denison, Garden Island, Taronga Zoo, Luna Park and Admiralty House. You will discover Sydney’s rich history and some of the stories and tales behind these iconic landmarks.

Hear about the amazing story of Sydney’s only authentic timber tall ships Southern Swan, the beautiful Soren Larsen or Coral Trekker. Get the opportunity to help hoist and set the sails – a truly unique part of your experience aboard a tall ship.

The wind is the ships propulsion once she is upwind and the sails set. With strong winds we’ve got to slow her down by setting less sail. Calm days it might be a slow drift with more sail set but we’ll still get you the best views on the harbour. 

The moment the wind takes over and the sound of the engine fades away is like stepping back in time – an experience thousands of sailors across the ages have felt, as they stood on a tall ships deck.

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Campbells Cove Floating Pontoon @ Campbells Cove Floating Pontoon, The Rocks NSW 2000