The Marvellous Sock Machine


Sock Buddies, Spud and Gromit, are inundated with washing soooo many socks – and they’re always losing them! What are they to do?

An interactive show for kids aged 2-8 years.

Gromit has a great idea! She starts to build the Marvellous Sock Machine that washes, sorts and pairs all the socks up.

Spud is very helpful (not), and he sings a silly-sock-song about Gromit’s Sock Machine.

Whenever Spud sings he gets the audience to join in and do something funny.

Then… oh no! Something goes wrong with the Marvellous Sock Machine. The Sock Monster has stolen a part of it!

How are Spud and Gromit going to catch the Sock Monster?
Can the Marvellous Sock Machine be fixed?
Will our Sock Buddies be able find all those lost Socks and pair them up?

When: 7 - 22 July, Wednesdays to Sundays 11 am.

Tickets: $12 Opening Show on Saturday 7th July, $14 Early-Sock online bookings before 1st July 2018

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Tel: 02 4782 1900