Le Vide


Following the award-winning production of Le Voyage at the 2018 Sydney Fringe Festival (Critics Choice, EDGE Artist Development Awards), Steps and Holes Theatre Company returns with Le Vide. 

Standing on the edge of a void, what does one do? When the fabric of our reality is ripped in two and there is nothing left but space, but "the empty", what happens? Do we thrash around avoiding the inevitable? Do we fill it with stuff? When we finally accept that we must go into the darkness, is there eventually a light?

Explored through the poetry of T S Eliot, Ted Hughes and the characteristic naivety of the clown, Le Vide is a journey into the dark, chaotic and beautiful world of the unknown.

Dates and Times - 4 September, 9 pm, 5 September, 8:30 pm, 6 September, 9:30 pm

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Legs Hub - Redbox, 91 Canal Road, Lilyfield, New South Wales, 2040




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