Lockhart Legends II


We are delighted to present an exciting new body of work by the Lockhart River Art Gang, courtesy of Lockhart River Arts Centre.

Our previous 'Lockhart Legends' exhibition showcased the artistic legends from the Lockhart River in Queensland's Cape York Peninsula.

This show features stunning new pieces from familiar names such as Rosella Namok, Fiona Omeenyo, Samantha Hobson and Silas Hobson, as well as introducing the next generation of strong emerging talent from the region.

What is remarkable about this exhibition is the diversity of styles, and yet the artworks always circle back to the identity of Sandbeach community.

The artworks are expressive, layered, abstract and fluid. They convey the character and sense of their Country from the artists own unique perspectives.

Make sure you visit the gallery in the month of June to soak up this incredible art.

Image Gallery


Kate Owen Gallery & Studio @ 680 Darling Street, Rozelle, NSW 2039



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