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Since 1989, The TAP has grown to become Sydney's largest un-curated visual and performance arts venue. In that time we've helped a diverse spectrum of artists and performers showcase their talents, with notable Australian talent such as Andrew Logan, Carlos Barrios, Mark Hanham and James Powditch kick-starting their careers at The TAP.

Our grassroots support for the Sydney arts scene has included our sponsorship of local art prizes such as the Pyrmont Art Prize (part of the Pyrmont Festival in May) and the the ‘Real Refuses' (our keynote event for August, which is open to anyone whose works were not accepted for the Archibald, Wynne or Sulman Prizes). It's also seen us voted ‘Best Art Gallery in Sydney for Artworks Under $5,000′ (2008 & 2009), and, as of 2014, become one of the venues invited to host Sydney Fringe Festival events.

But it’s not just our mandate to provide artists with an affordable and flexible gallery for hire, that has made us a popular destination. Our proximity to Oxford St and the Sydney CBD, the flexible range of space and the fact that we’re 100% ‘un-curated’ (meaning that anyone can book a space to exhibit or perform whatever they wish), makes us a unique space in which to meet aspiring and established artists, actors, film makers and playwrights and experience their work.




Tap Gallery @ 259 Riley Street, Surry Hills




More info - 02 9361 0440

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