The Mini Marilyn


Get ready for a night of glitz and glamour while being enchanted by the world of pink and sparkles! This is an evening that does not take itself too seriously, with charm and humour all wrapped up into a perfectly ‘fun sized’ pocket rocket!

Performer and creator Elizabeth Evans embraces sequins and old school Hollywood glamour for her onstage persona, The Mini Marilyn. Resembling the famed Ms Monroe “with a pocket rocket twist”, Evans takes us on a ‘girls night out’ with her girlfriends Brandy and Shandy; where anything can happen, inviting audiences to toast along with her.

Whether you are a cabaret aficionado, a theatre-goer who loves a big dance number or the shyer toe-tapping audience member – this show is most audience friendly and accepts and appreciates all who come to meet the perfect party guest!


Qtopia Sydney @ 301 Forbes St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia




Through humanitix website

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