Handel’s Water Music


Handel’s Water Music was an 18th-century show stopper.

Commissioned by King George I for a concert on the Thames, all of London turned out to see Handel and his orchestra floating up and down the river on a barge, playing this exciting, lavish music. It’s a foot-tapping party on and off stage, and was such a hit the King demanded an immediate encore!

Pisendel’s Imitation des caractères de la danse is pure Baroque elegance. In just a few short minutes it captures the spirit of different courtly dances and all their refined elegance.

This is a rare chance to hear our musicians shine in a smaller orchestra, with each virtuosic line ringing out into the City Recital Hall.

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City Recital Hall Angel Place @ 2 Angel Place, Sydney, NSW 2000


$40.00 - $110.00



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