Sydney Sundancer Boxing Day


Celebrate Boxing Day aboard Sydney Sundancer on Sydney Harbour and enjoy the start of the amazing Sydney to Hobart Race!

The day begins with a short cruise on Sydney Harbour before we take up our priority position right on the start line for Australia’s premier Blue Water Racing Classic. From this position, we can gain a full appreciation for the pre – race tactics in the final minutes before the starting gun is fired.

Your host and veteran yacht racing champion skipper, John Boyce says “Boxing Day is the best day of the year to be on Sydney Harbour and the best boat to be on belongs to anyone else” because the colourful start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race attracts all the “once a year boaters” on to the water creating navigational problems for spectator vessels. Both sides of the exclusion zone (reserved to give the racing yachts clear passage and room to manoeuvre) are “jam-packed” with craft, all trying to get a better view of the on water excitement.

It takes all John’s skills, as a charter skipper with more than 30 years experience, to position “Sydney Sundancer” right on the start line as the starting gun is fired, thus ensuring a clear uninterrupted view of the competing craft for all guests aboard.

John always gets THE best positions to witness all the excitement of the start of the race every year!

As the armada of spectator craft surges forward, John maintains this exclusive position alongside the racing yachts so that all guests aboard “SydneySundancer” can almost feel part of the action, as the crew of the racing yachts frantically tack their vessels for best position in the Southern Hemispheres most prestigious yacht race.

We follow the fleet of racing yachts to farewell them and wish them bon voyage at the Heads of Sydney Harbour. Maintaining position on the starting line surrounded by hundreds of boats in close proximity is a skill not to be underestimated, and it is only by this method that guests can take photographs like those displayed.

Having farewelled the fleet, we will continue our cruise around Sydney Harbour before anchoring for a late lunch accompanied by live entertainment from our “muso” who is an expert guitarist and singer.

All guests enjoy a shipboard feast second to none – “Bon Appetit”, the American gourmet magazine, has written to John’s wife, Lynne, requesting one of her recipes for publication in the USA, so you can be assured that the meal will exceed expectation and surpass much of what is served in well known Sydney restaurants !

Needless to say, Boxing Day is an event, which becomes booked out very early (usually by early October), so if you would like to join us BOOK EARLY!! Every year our waiting list grows longer, and those on it are always disappointed to have missed such a spectacular day. It is great value for money at $340 ($290 for children 17 and under) because it includes the sumptuous on board banquet, all beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks, as well as the live entertainment.

Departure will be at 11.15 am (SHARP) from Rose Bay Ferry Wharf returning there about 5 pm.

Parking anywhere on the waterfront on Boxing Day is always a problem because of this spectacular event so you should make plans to be on the wharf well ahead of departure time.

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