Black to the Future


"Indigenous architecture" was an evening held at Caroma on Collins in 2019 where Dr Annie Burgess spoke on her research on Indigenous Architecture, part two of this event brings us:
David Beaumont:
A Wiradjuri man (central West NSW) born on ‘The Block’ Redfern, Gadigal Country.
David Beaumont is the Senior Community Engagement Coordinator in the Indigenous Leadership and Engagement Unit at the City of Sydney.

David has worked at the City for the past 14 years and will be sharing his insights, experience and challenges.
Who’s lens are we looking through?
What narrative underpins our intentions, plans, strategies?
What is our vision for Australia? How do we chart our course?
These are some of concepts we will be discussing together in this innovative Q&A session."

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39 Collins st Alexandria




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