Free Meditation Classes


Experience inner peace and joy using the simple Sahaja Yoga Meditation technique.

Over 100 free weekly classes in Sydney and Australia Wide.
• For beginners and regulars. Join in at any time, no booking required.
• Meditation techniques are very easy to learn.
• No physical exercises, postures or special clothing required.
• We sit on chairs.
• Classes are always Free

Class locations & more info at: free meditation or call 1300 724 252

Finding balance in life: how meditate at home, how to keep in balance, techniques to help reduce stress. All sessions include guided collective meditations, video/audio lectures by Shri Mataji (founder), discussions and Q&A sessions.

Sahaja Yoga meditation aims to address imbalances by awakening our innate spiritual potential.

This is a simple but profound experience that can naturally help us to harmonise and integrate our life. Regular meditation can help to eliminate much of our inner stress and tension.


Over 100 class locations. Go to: freemeditation au website




No booking required

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