Lithic Choreographies 


Shot on the Swedish island of Gotland, this work blends historical data and speculative science fictions to chronicle different chapters in the story of the island’s geological strata. Working with local people to ground the film’s investigations within the communities and landscapes of Gotland, Smith seeks to re-imagine our modes of engagement with, and contributions to, ecological assemblages. Lithic Choreographies was commissioned by International Art Space for spaced 3: north by southeast and produced in collaboration with Baltic Art Center. Image courtesy and © Sam Smith, Still from
Lithic Choreographies, 2018"

"For Lithic Choreographies, UK-based Australian Sam Smith has conceived two interlinked moving-image, works which promote a de-centred human experience and consider multispecies paradigms.


Foley St, Darlinghurst NSW 2011




Through acp website

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