Lonely Together: Stories of loneliness


Have you ever felt lonely? 1 in 4 Australians are lonely right now, and 54% of young people reported feeling lonely in 2021.
Lonely Together is an immersive street exhibition that will use photographs and audio stories of everyday Australians to break down the stigma and shame that comes with expressing loneliness.

This Mental Health Month, we’re asking you to take a walk through Darling Quarter. You’ll observe beautiful imagery, photographed by Anna Hay, while listening to audio stories of people who have felt or feel lonely, produced by Tessa Blencowe. Once you’ve listened to the stories of others, you’ll be invited to write down your own story and share it anonymously.

Supported by the The Salvation Army, Lendlease and Darling Quarter, Lonely Together creates space for listening, talking openly without judgment, and reconnecting through truth, vulnerability, and collective storytelling.

Loneliness affects us all, regardless of our age, or how many friends we have. The more we allow ourselves to open up, the easier it is to see and reach for the help and support that is out there. Sometimes just having an honest conversation is all we really need to feel less lonely.

The exhibition is the second in a series, with the highly acclaimed London is Lonely premiering in the United Kingdom in 2019, also curated by Tessa Blencowe alongside Spanish photographer, Irene Palacio. The London exhibition had a profound impact on attendees and their attitudes towards loneliness.

In an Impact Management Survey conducted in 2019 with attendees of London is Lonely, 62% of respondents said that they had hardly ever or never spoken about loneliness prior to attending the exhibition. 98% of respondents said they spoke about loneliness to one or more people following their visit to the exhibition. 93% said they were more likely to speak up about their own feelings of loneliness after hearing other people’s stories.

Come along, listen to stories, and share your own experiences. We’re all connected through loneliness.
(If you can’t attend in person, a digital version will be made available at lonelytogether website.


Darling Quarter @ 1 Harbour Street, Sydney NSW 2000



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