Storymakers in Contemporary Japanese Art


Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and wonder with The Japan Foundation, Sydney’s exhibition ‘Storymakers in Contemporary Japanese Art’!

This free exhibition features a selection of works by five contemporary Japanese artists that evoke imagery from traditional fairy tales across cultures including The Little Match Girl and other stories of interspecies relationships and transformations, and includes a newly created work by interdisciplinary artist Tomoko Konoike, videos by Yuichi Higashionna and Fuyuhiko Takata, paintings by Maki Ohkojima and a flip book animation by Masahiro Hasunuma.
Curated by Emily Wakeling and Mayako Murai, the artworks in this exhibition, with their re-workings of materials, formats and corporeal experiences, revisit old familiar stories in new forms to transcend the anthropocentric worldview. 


The Japan Foundation Gallery @ Level 4 Central Park, 28 Broadway Chippendale NSW 2008




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