Australian Museum


Established in 1827, the Australian Museum is a leading natural science and culture institution with an extensive variety of exhibitions, making it a great place for all to visit!

The First Australians Galleries showcase more than 40,000 Indigenous objects, allowing visitors to explore the diverse beliefs and culture of Australia’s first people. Walk in their footsteps through the Museum’s entrance, featuring the footprints of Indigenous Australians dating back to 20,000 BCE. 
Or, if you’re interested in extraordinary species, The Wild Planet Gallery tells the story of the fascinating life that surrounds us – including a 17m long whale skeleton that was found in 1875!

If it’s the demise of dangerous dinosaurs that peaks your curiosity, see the Museum’s life-size models, giant skeletons, and realistic animations. Visitors can see, hear, touch, and even smell, the ancient world of dinosaurs!


Australian Museum @ 6 College Street, Sydney


General admission to the Australian Museum is free for adults and children, for a limited time. Entry fees apply to some major exhibitions.

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