Ocean Talks: Hunting Prehistoric Monsters


Millions of years ago, the Earth’s oceans were home to some of the largest, fiercest and most successful predators ever! While dinosaurs ruled the land, huge prehistoric reptiles hunted the depths of the oceans.

This talk offers a rare chance to hear from renowned palaeontologist Dr Espen Knutsen who travels the world searching for evidence of these prehistoric predators. He’ll introduce us to some of these incredible creatures, share some of his adventures and reveal insights into some of the exciting discoveries he’s made.

Espen has described five new species of Jurassic marine reptiles and hunted monsters in Australia, the Arctic, The Netherlands and USA. This discussion will be hosted by the Maritime Museum’s Creative Producer Em Blamey.

Note: Ticket includes light refreshments and the opportunity from 5 – 6pm to view the exhibition Sea Monsters – Prehistoric Ocean Predators as well as an 80th anniversary exhibit on Oskar Speck’s seven year journey from Germany to Australia.


Australian National Maritime Museum @ 2 Murray St, Darling Harbour NSW 2000 Australia


Adult $35, Museum Member $20


Through sea.museum website

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