BridgeClimb Sydney


An amazing 3 ½ hour adventure that will take you to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Since 1998, almost 2 million Climbers have taken part in the 3½ hour guided journey over the top of the Bridge to the summit.

You’ll find that The Bridge Climb is the adventure of a lifetime, as you’ve conquered an Australian icon recognized the world over!

1. Welcome to The Bridge Climb. Get ready for the Climb of Your Life!
2. Follow the catwalks to the pylon.
3. Climb ladders to the eastern arch.
4. Marvel at the views from the top.
5. Return to the base on the western arch down stairs, ladders and along catwalks.

On 19 December 2006, BridgeClimb opened The Discovery Climb experience that will take Climbers right into the heart of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Traversing the suspension arch, you will climb through the Bridge and be able to touch the raw steel and rivets and experience more visual evidence of Sydney Harbour Bridge history.

You will Climb stairs and catwalks never previously opened to the public and wind your way through a tangle of hatchways and steel girders suspended above the traffic. You'll see the place where the arch was joined for the first time making Sydney Harbour Bridge History, and access walkways used exclusively by maintenance teams until 2006. At the top you will Climb between the arches to the summit, 134 metres above the water, and see all of Sydney laid out before you.

Along the way, a Climb Leader will share the Bridge's rich history, leaving you in awe of this incredible feat of engineering.


BridgeClimb @ 5 Cumberland St, The Rocks, Sydney


Prices vary depending on the time and day – from $174


Tel: 8274 7777

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