Sydney Tower


If you're in Sydney for a day or even a lifetime, the views from Sydney Tower's Observation Deck make for an unforgettable experience! Towering above the city’s skyline, Sydney Tower’s Observation Deck is perfect for planning a day out around Sydney and understanding the intricate layout of this beautiful and cosmopolitan city. Sydney Tower provides a panoramic 360 degree view from the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the north, picturesque Blue Mountains to the west, historical Botany Bay on the south and to the east, the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

Standing 250 metres (820 feet) above the city streets, you can view breathtaking Sydney in all its glory - day or night! Your ticket to Sydney Tower Observation Deck includes access to the Observation Deck and admission to the Oz Trek Ride, an amazing virtual reality ride across Australia!

Skywalk is a unique high-altitude adventure tour on top of Sydney Tower. At 268 metres (880 feet) above Sydney’s sea level, Skywalk is a breathtaking outdoor tour on the roof top of the highest tourist attraction in Sydney. Step out onto the clouds as you venture across the glass-floor viewing platform for a unique 360 degree views over glittering Sydney and beyond. Skywalk takes 60 minutes and runs approximately every hour.


Sydney Tower @ Podium Level, Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Market Street, Sydney


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