Grand Horizons


When it first opened in 2021, this laugh-out-loud celebration of family and taking a chance on life stole the hearts of audiences and had critics clamouring. Now Bess Wohl’s bright and buzzing comedy returns to STC for an exclusive limited run.

Icon of stage and screen Linda Cropper plays Nancy, a woman in her 70s who’s ready to make a change and divorce her husband Bill, played by the legendary John Bell. The couple’s adult sons Ben and Brian, played by Guy Simon and Johnny Nasser, are shell shocked by their parents’ unexpected announcement and thrust into their own identity crises.

Resident Director Jessica Arthur (Wonnangatta, Home, I’m Darling) leads a stellar cast in “a deeply funny and poignant account of late-life crisis with honesty, humour, and hope” (Time Out).

Bursting with all the joy and pathos of everyday life, Grand Horizons is theatre at its most enjoyable and familiar. Don’t miss this hilarious and ultimately very moving portrayal of the way we all try (and sometimes fail) to live our best lives.

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Rosyln Packer Theatre @ Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay


$44 - $104


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