MASTER CLASS by Terrence McNally


Inspired by the turbulent life of renowned opera singer Maria Callas, Terrence McNally’s Tony Award-winning play MASTER CLASS is an explosive ode to the incomparable talents of one of the world’s greatest performers. Class is in session at the prestigious Julliard School of the Arts as Maria Callas takes centre stage once again to deliver an exclusive master class to her unsuspecting “victims”. Mercilessly teasing out the talents of her students, the present blurs into the past and we experience surprising memories of times gone by.

Brought to life by the dynamic Lucia Mastrantone (Griffin Theatre’s JAILBABY), settle in for a whirlwind of unforgettable storytelling, sardonic humour and soaring music sung live on stage by Sydney’s best emerging opera talent. Let the fireworks begin!


Ensemble Theatre @ 78 McDougall Street Kirribilli, NSW, 2061




(02) 8918 3400

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