Once Upon a Grimm Night


Fairytale (noun)

1: a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands
2: a fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive

Mankind was gifted fire and used it to build a hearth and tell stories. Over time many of these became the folk and fairy tales that we first listened to as children. But what if they weren’t just stories, and were instead a window to another world? And what if that world somehow collided with our own?

A group of wayfarers (yourselves) have stumbled onto the domain of the Narrator and your help is needed. Characters from the realm of Everafter are spilling into our own and the worlds are on the brink of collapse. You must join the quest of Grimm Volkov to uncover the truth, and wade into the unfinished stories of the Maiden and the Witch. Warning: potion brewing skills required.

Will you succeed in this Quest, or will you fail and cause irreparable damage to the cosmos? Don’t worry, it’s not like the stakes are high.

After all it’s just a story…isn’t it?


Lindesay House @ 1 Carthona Ave, Darling Point NSW 2027, Australia




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