Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


A classic mystery, a dazzling transformation

In what is sure to be a triumph of theatrical spectacle, STC Artistic Director Kip Williams will bring his unique vision to this classic detective story that’s fascinated artists and audiences alike for generations.

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde is one of the most gripping, intricate and thrilling mysteries ever told, by one of the English language’s greatest writers, Robert Louis Stevenson. The story follows London lawyer Gabriel Utterson as he attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding his friend Dr Henry Jekyll and the shadowy new presence in his life: Mr Edward Hyde. In the twisting alleyways and cold drawing rooms of a darkened city, he will come face to face with the shocking truth.

In this new adaptation Williams will build on the same highly innovative, magical, and engrossing integration of live video which made his productions of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Suddenly Last Summer, and The Picture of Dorian Gray modern classics.

Performed by just two actors, including the phenomenal Ewen Leslie (Julius Caesar), the tale of the doomed and divided Jekyll, the rapacious Hyde, and the transfixed Utterson, caught in between, will become a prismatic theatrical experience like no other: a production that will blur the lines between good and bad, the self and the other, the public and the private, and the artist and the audience.

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Roslyn Packer Theatre @ 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000, Australia


$58 - $129



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