UFO By Kirby Medway & Solomon Thomas


On the putting green at the edge of a regional town, a group of young people have been recruited for a highly confidential and, it turns out, highly dull job: to keep tabs on a grounded UFO.

Sitting still and silent for weeks, the workers are about to call it quits when…

Using an innovative blend of science fiction tropes, live cinema and exquisitely detailed 1:8 miniatures, UFO is a funny, freaky encounter of the third kind from re:group performance collective’s Kirby Medway & Solomon Thomas that we promise you’ve never experienced before.

???? ‘A near perfect mix of format and function’—Time Out Sydney (for re:group performance collective and Coil)


SBW Stables Theatre @ 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross




(02) 9332 1052

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