by Samuel Adamson

An Australian premiere

“The truth is we have to give up parts of ourselves if we want to be with someone.”

A love-letter to the power of theatre, and a decade-hopping investigation into marriage, queerness and gender.

Daisy is at a crossroads. Her moral compass tells her to go one way, society the other. What she chooses to do next will have consequences not just for her and her husband, but for four couples over the next ninety years.

With Ibsen’s classic drama of marital discord, 'A Doll’s House', as its unifying device, the play ranges across the fifties, the eighties, the present and the future.

We meet intertwined characters, gay and straight, over generations, all invested in some way with the concept of ‘wife’, Ibsen’s rebellious Nora being the benchmark against which they judge themselves.

“Challenging and thought-provoking, brimming with pathos, politics and laugh-out-loud moments” Diva Magazine


New Theatre @ 542 King Street, Newtown


From $20


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