Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout


Quai da ngalaringi nangami – Welcome to our dreamtime!

Blue Mountains Walkabout, invites you to enter our dreamtime. Awaiting you, is an ancient quest we now call walkabout. This is an initiation of our culture and the wild Australian bush. Traditionally this was a holistic journey of self fulfilment while travelling to distant lands to gain understanding and respect for other tribes. To accept this journey required courage. To complete this journey required bravery. Today this standard has been retained so you will not only have an authentic experience but you can also gain an achievement of which you can be very proud.

Explore a lost world of stunning Aboriginal landscape. Gain a special understanding of our local Darug culture by actually experiencing what our life used to be like. Find secret places, hidden wonders that you will not see on any other walk or tour. Discover the real Blue Mountains, not from a busy lookout but from the inside out! There are no buses, no tourists and we venture off track to cherish the endless wilderness. The walkabout will stimulate your senses, enrich your spirit and give you a timeless connection to our land.

Full 8 hours in the bush balanced between adventurous trekking, nterpretation, and blissful relaxation. Includes: Dreaming stories, Engravings, Songlines, Bush tucker tasting, Ochre bark and body painting, Ancient art sites & relics, Bathe in a clear billabong with a rainbow waterfall and golden beach, Rainforest, Wildlife, Sandstone caves Finish with an optional drink or dinner at Aussie pub & bistro,
Personalised small group and Friendly, professional Aboriginal guide with vast local and cultural knowledge.

Evan Yanna Muru independently owns, operates and guides Blue Mountains Walkabout. Since he could walk Evan has studied indigenous culture out in the bush. Rediscovering, recording and understanding cultural sites . He is now an Aboriginal Site Officer and member of the Darug Custodian Aboriginal Clan. Evan is also a fully accredited wilderness guide and has worked as an Aboriginal Discovery Ranger for Blue Mountains National Park and Wildlife Service. Being Blue Mountains born and bred Evan is able to share with you a very local & intimate understanding of the land & its culture.

“I couldn’t believe all that I had done & all that I had learned.”
Bryn Lovejoy- Grinnell from Lets Go Travel Book
“Extremely worthwhile, a great adventure” Melissa @ TNT Magazine
“Fun, invigorating & spiritually enlightening! “ Tom Watson England
“I sweated, I ached & I’m completely knackered but I’ve never felt so fulfilled,
intrigued & all together happy from one day! Rosie Boulter England
“This day was the reason I came to Oz ! “ Esther Smit Germany
“Amazing, much more than expected. Don’t miss it!” Josh Plotnik USA
“Awesome, completely exceeded all my expectations-11/10 DalynSmithUSA
“You’ll walk away feeling alive, elevated & revived!” Brie Whittman Canada
“Absolutely wonderful - a breath taking experience!” Sue Edwards Canada
“It’s the real thing, the real Australia at last!” Liz Cron The Netherlands
“The most interesting & sensitive tour I’ve ever done!” Eric Emerson Aussie

Rated by your fellow travellers as an unforgettable 10/10 experience, “Walkabout” is the only one of its kind. It promises you an outstanding Australian experience that goes way beyond local knowledge and is grounded on a genuine cultural rite of passage. “Walkabout” will provide you with a deep connection to country and culture.

Provide the highest quality interpretive ECO experience in Australia.
Raise global awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture by providing first hand experience of cultural sites and resources.
Nudge global attitude towards a more sustainable relationship with nature based on traditional and current minimal impact practices.
Preserve cultural sites by; rediscovering, recording, understanding, protecting and maintaining them.
Promote traditional indigenous communities as proud custodians of their land and culture.
Help these indigenous communities with the above objectives through; involvement, training, employment and sponsorship.
25% of profits will directly benefit the above causes.

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Walk begins in the Blue Mountains on Faulconbridge Railway Station platform meeting there at 10.35am Monday to Friday or 10.45am on weekends and public holidays.




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