APHRS 2024 Scientific Sessions


The upcoming 2024 APHRS Scientific Sessions mark a significant milestone, as it will be the first time in almost a decade that this event will be held in Australia.

The aim is to raise the bar and deliver an exceptional meeting that encompasses the latest advancements in electrophysiology over recent years and sets the stage for the future technological, clinical, and research breakthroughs in the field of arrhythmia.

As the premier gathering for the Asia-Pacific region on arrhythmia, APHRS 2024 Sydney will serve as a vital platform for over 2,500 cardiologists and electrophysiology physicians. Together, they will engage in discussions centred around evidence-based medicine, present cutting-edge research, and crucially, interact with industry leaders who are driving innovations in this field.

Building on its reputation as a truly global event, APHRS has established strong collaborative relationships with both HRS (Heart Rhythm Society) and EHRA (European Heart Rhythm Association). The city of Sydney, renowned for its academic excellence, makes for an appealing destination for physicians in the region. With its well-connected international airport, we anticipate hosting one of the largest ever APHRS Scientific Sessions in 2024.

The meeting will encompass a wide range of endeavours in the field of arrhythmia and device management, spanning from fundamental research involving genetic and molecular advancements to significant breakthroughs in device and lead technologies. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the latest exciting additions to the mapping and ablation toolkit.

The program promises to be a captivating experience, featuring highlights such as cutting-edge research presentations, review of guidelines and expert-led discussions. We invite industry leaders to play a vital role in this event, offering their support and involvement, which are crucial to its success and long-lasting impact.

Physician fulltime member (Early Bird): AUD 855.00,
Physician fulltime non member (Early Bird): AUD 1095.00,
Trainee / basic scientist / student fulltime concession (Early Bird): AUD 455.00,
Nurse / allied health concession member (Early Bird): AUD 555.00,
Accepted abstract presenter (Early Bird): AUD 555.00,
One day registration (Early Bird): AUD 465.00


ICC Sydney @ 14 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


AUD 455.00 - AUD 1095.00


Through evvnt website

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