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Australia's #1 School of Stand up Comedy, Celebrates their 9th year in training men and women, across Australia! Welcome to Australia's school of stand up comedy. This course was designed to take You step by step into the mind and world of the stand up comic. The ability to make others laugh is a unique skill to say the least. This course will help You find out if You have this skill, and if you're already funny, we'll show You how to be even funnier! Stand up comedy is a combination of skill, timing, material, performance and stage presence! Hey, You can even use what we teach You to build your confidence and give better speeches and presentations at work. Hey everyone knows, the best speeches are the funny ones! Taught by some of the hottest, young stand up comics and promoters in the industry plus special guest.

This course will cover and include:
·Where and How to find and write great material
·Fine tuning and sharpening your performance Skills
·Comedy Pitfalls & Traps. What to lookout for and avoid.
·Finding YOUR on Stage Persona
.Stand up Tips and insider secrets
·List of Comic Venues to perfect your trade
·Getting past your stage fear.
· Live student video taping in real time to critique you performance

Our 5 plus 5 program ( 5 weeks classroom Training and 5 weeks work experience for graduates)
But wait, there's more! Each student that completes this course will have the option of receiving a certificate of completion or a graduation Certificate which includes performing live in 3 shows, in front of a paying audience. Your graduation performance will be tape and edited into a DVD ( Included with the graduation package option). This DVD can be used for promotional purposes to kick start your new or present career!" Hey, learning stand up can be funny, and fun to"
The Australian school of stand up comedy course runs for 5 weeks on Saturdays 1pm-4pm.

Q:Where are the courses located? A:Courses are held at The Star Bars Plush Comedy Theatre (voted one of the best rooms by the comics themselves), 600 George Street Sydney CBD.(Formerly Planet Hollywood-across from Greater Union theatres and ½ block from Townhall station)
Q:What days are courses held on? A:Saturdays from 1pm-4pm
Q:When are your next course dates? Saturday June 1st - 29th, 2019, Aug 3rd - 31st and Nov 2nd -30th, 2019
Q:Are there age restrictions? A:Yes. Age 13 to 100 Q:Is it possible to teach people how to be funny? A:No, but we can help U find out if U are plus help those who are already a bit funny, sharpen their skills to become even funnier!
Q:What is the cost of this course? A:The 5 plus 5 week course (5 weeks course and 5 weeks work experience) is normally $499.99 but our 2019 Anniversary price is only $199.99
Q:What happens after graduation? Most schools give u a piece of paper and kick u out into the streets. :Well so do we...(ha) just kidding. All of our course completing graduates are placed in a 3 live shows

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Star Bar @ 600 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


Special Anniversary price $199.99


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