Creating Great Lyrics ONLINE


Creating great lyrics is not just a matter of coming up with good ideas—it’s knowing how to build on those ideas, and turn them into finished songs—songs that communicate your unique perspective, and also communicate to a wider audience.

As the masters say, inspiration only matters if you know what to do with it. This course is all about equipping you with the practical tools and concepts for taking your inspiration, and confidently turning it into your best song lyrics.

Creating Great Lyrics is a 6-week immersive online course, that shows you how to:

Find and generate compelling lyric ideas, regardless of how inspired you feel on any given day

Take your inspiration and develop it, expand it, and explore the possibilities for where an initial idea can go
Structure your ideas into a strong song form
Access techniques and methods for finishing your songs, every time


Sydney Conservatorium of Music @ Macquarie Street, Sydney




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