First Time Home Buyers Course


First Time Home Buyers Course

Buying your first home doesn't have to be stressful. You just need the right information at your fingertips to ensure you don't end up with a loan you can't afford and a house you paid too much for.

The course is designed to guide you step-by-step through the buying process and give you the knowledge that will help you avoid common and costly mistakes. Presented in an entertaining and easy to digest way, you'll learn far more in 3 hours than you could learn online. It's also a great opportunity to speak with an industry expert about what you would like to know.

We guarantee you'll feel educated and far more confident about buying your first home.

During this fun and entertaining First Time Home Buyers Course, you'll learn:
- The entire buying process and how to get started
- How you apply and qualify for the First Home Owner Grant
- What the proposed First Home Loan Deposit Scheme means for you
- How to make the most of stamp duty benefits
- How the Government's First Home Super Saver Scheme works
- The best way to structure your home loan
- How to buy with a small deposit
- How to negotiate with real estate agents
- How to exchange contracts in NSW
- How to avoid common mistakes
- Real life examples from an industry professional
- Guarantor loans and much, much more!

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Recent Student Testimonials:
“Lots of info that was easy to understand – a lot of my own misconceptions dispelled. This was really good and far more enjoyable than expected – Thank you!” - Kate T

“We had an awesome time in your class. You shared details that we didn’t come across in any of our own online research. It was extremely informative, detailed, interesting and we absolutely needed that reassurance to get the ball rolling. We feel that we have a chance to one day start the process of buying a home” – Stacey & Caden

“Covers all the key issues. Very helpful, and easy to chat and ask questions. Really useful. I will advise others to use it also!” - Elani R

About the presenter - Scott Durrant:
Founder of Successful Ways, Scott is an experienced real estate investor and educator who has helped over 2500 Australians prepare for the Australian property market. With over 15 years of experience educating first time home buyers, his humorous and straightforward approach will break down the most confusing aspects of buying your first home.

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