Funny Kids Business: Writing Humour for Children


Funny children’s books are no joke.

They dominate best-selling lists and are always in popular demand by kids. But can you learn to write funny stories? What if you think you’re not funny?

Award-winning children’s author Oliver Phommavanh will tap into your sense of humour and reconnect with your inner child by doing a series of writing exercises that can be applied to any story that you’re working on. You will practise creating jokes and funny characters that children will adore.

No matter what genre you’re writing in, you’ll discover why a little humour can immediately hook and engage your audience, and make it even more memorable.

You’ll also gain some insights into the current children’s industry. Oliver will share what it’s like being a working children’s author. You’ll find out how you can make a sustainable living out of writing children’s books, as well as how to remain relevant in the long run.


Writing NSW @ Callan Park, Balmain Rd, Lilyfield NSW 2038, Australia


$135 - $210


Through writingnsw website

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