Human Factors & Error Management Virtual Masterclass


The aim of this masterclass is to provide an in-depth understanding of the Human Factors framework and the under lying factors of error management. This is a non-industry specific presentation but is designed to cater for any business which has an interest in managing error and the relationship with human systems. Topics to be discussed are grouped into categories and even though there will be some overlap with human behavior and psychology the aim is to engage the audience and enable them to provide thoughts at any time.

Workplace culture is discussed as is leadership styles, which have a direct effect on employee performance and attitudes. Safety Management Systems and the integration of human factors methods are reviewed as often industries use a consultant’s advice; however valuable recommendations are not incorporated. Error Management includes prediction models and the perception of risk, not only by operators but designers and management.

Interface design will be reviewed, however only at a base level, also perception, cognitive memory and psychomotor control will be discussed. This will provide knowledge of the basic processes which we as human use and the relationship with modern technology as we move into the modern manufacturing phase of this century.


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