Tech23 2017


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Now in its ninth annual year, Tech23 continues to resonate as Australia's unmissable celebration of innovation. Starting from a blank slate in 2009, Tech23 was born out of the desire to give a platform to the exciting deep tech emerging from Australia’s innovation ecosystem.

As one of the few truly national forums where homegrown innovation can be recognised and celebrated, Tech23 showcases world-class startups from Perth to Brisbane, Wollongong to Hobart. Moving beyond state and territory boundaries, Tech23 is a gathering brimming with goodwill - promoting connections and collaborations where they are needed most.

Famous for its magic mix of attendees, Tech23 brings together investors, entrepreneurs and innovators, providing much-needed support to those tackling big challenges with tech.

At Tech23, 23 innovative young companies showcase their business for five minutes each. The 23 companies receive feedback from renowned Industry Leaders from VC and angel investors, potential enterprise customers, and successful serial entrepreneurs.

Some of Australia’s greatest success stories have taken the stage as Tech23 companies, such as SmartSparrow, Clevertar, BuildingIQ, CultureAmp, Marathon Targets, Binu, Local Measure, AgriWebb, and Plutora.

Tech23 2017 is for you if you are:
- An industry leader with advice and connections to share
- A young startup looking for guidance, growth and opportunities
- An up-and-coming impresario looking for your big break
- An investor scouting for your next smart investment
- Looking to partner with tomorrow’s innovators as a way of getting ahead of the competition
- Wanting to keep abreast of the deep tech of tomorrow and where future jobs may lie
- Interested in finding out where you fit in Australia’s innovation ecosystem!


The Auditorium, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills


Standard - $275


+61 3 966 3093