The Productive Leader Masterclass


MStatistics. Longer hours means increased fatigue which leads to poor focus and attention, decision fatigue and then costly mistakes and reduced productivity.
- Are your managers getting in the way of their own productivity?
- How much more value could your managers be achieving by increasing their self-awareness and assessing the way they get their work done?
- Do you want your managers to be less busy and achieving more?
- Which relationships need greater focus for improved productivity?
The productive leader knows how to achieve more. They reduce stress, maximise their time and stay focused by leveraging their skills, people and resources. They are in control, inspire others and are happier. Are you ready to become a productive leader?
This will be a dynamic and interactive one-day masterclass. It is essential for transforming managers into productive leaders!
anagers work longer hours than any other occupational category according to statistics from the Australian Bureau of

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