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Sydney Jet - Cockle Bay - Darling Harbour For a unique harbour adventure look no further than Sydney Jet. This stunningly powerful jet boat operates rides daily from Darling Harbour. Passengers will be surrounded by the towering city vista as they thunder out of Darling Harbour passing some of Sydney's most famous attractions: Sydney Aquarium, Maritime Museum and Sydney Tower. When the vessel reaches the central harbour the twin 365 hp diesel engines burst into high-powered action. JET THRILL The 45 minute Jet Thrill adventure is Sydney's best value jet boat ride. Departing the calm waters of Cockle Bay, the Captain waves to the people on the foreshore who wish they were onboard too. Once in the main harbour, with seat belts fastened, passengers will feel the need to hold on tight to the safety bar as the Captain unleashes the power of the mighty diesel engines. Radical fishtails, awesome spins, and amazing power brake stops, are what jet boating is all about. Passengers will see the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and many of the sights of Sydney as they blast across the harbour at high-speed. The amazing Jet Thrill adventure is an unforgettable experience. Remember We Spin...You Grin!

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Sydney and Sydney Harbour


Adults $75.00 Children $50.00 Pensioners $75.00


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