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We are a group of escape room enthusiasts who are obsessed with customer satisfaction and immersive games. Here are a few reasons why we have the best virtual reality escape rooms in the world.

Be Immersed In Fantastic New Places – Explore places you could never go to in real life and be amazed at how realistic it feels, which a physical escape room can’t replicate.
Social Shared Experience - With Entermission, 6 people play together in VR in the same room. Reach out to high-five your friends in VR and actually touch their hands. Hear the gasps, shrieks, and screams of your squad!
Epic Interactive Adventures - Unlike traditional escape rooms, you aren't just solving puzzles. You also experience flying, using telekinesis, fighting demons, giant spiders and hostile robots, shooting lasers and all sorts of crazy things with your friends.
Plan a Team Building event, a birthday party or just get together with your mates. Gift Vouchers available.


Entermission Sydney @ 1/484 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


From $39


(02) 9267 3873 or online through enterthemission

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