50 Years of the Stables

Griffin Theatre Podcast
As always, the Griffin Theatre Podcast is your trusty companion when you're missing the Stables Theatre! In the latest episodes of the 50 Years of the Stables series, Wesley Enoch and Meyne Wyatt discuss playwriting, intimate storytelling, and how the Stables has been a place that celebrates the unfiltered indigenous voice in First Nations Storytelling. Then, Angela Catterns interviews our former Artistic Director Lee Lewis and Executive Director Karen Rodgers about captaining the Griffin ship in Running the Show. Subscribe to the Griffin Theatre Podcast here, or wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Though lockdown is being relaxed, it’s likely Australia is just in the eye of this hurricane. To err on the side of safety, we are extending the closure of the Stables until September.

This means that during 2020, we are unable to present Kendall Feaver’s Wherever She Wanders, Debra Oswald’s Is There Something Wrong With That Lady?, Phil Spencer’s No Standing. No Dancing., or Oliver Twist’s FEAR. Once again, our first priority is our artists, and wherever possible, we are honouring the contracts of our actors, directors, stage managers, designers, and more.

If you can afford to donate to us this End of Financial Year, it’ll help us find some security in this scary time. And if you can’t make an End of Financial Year donation, but currently hold a ticket to one of the shows we can’t open—please consider donating back some of the value of your ticket, in lieu of a refund. We made this same request in March, and are deeply grateful for your contributions.