A Murder is Announced


Reviewed by Giulietta Gigliotti

“And sad afflictions bravely borne”

A classic Agatha Christie story has been adapted for the big stage, bringing to life the well-known sleuth and busybody Miss Marple and a house full of friends and family. With ill intentions, a murder is announced in the local newspaper, setting off a domino effect throughout the house of the intended place of murder.

Whilst trying to work out the intended victim and if they are safe, Miss Marple and the friendly town folk go about their night with sherry and cigarettes. But then, alas, the night is brought to its knees when indeed a murder is committed. A barrage of questions and detective work brings Miss Marple and the town Inspector in for a classic case of a whodunit murder mystery.

A Murder Is Announced, directed by John Grinston is a mystery filled adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last moment. With strong daring characters with a lot to hide and well placed objects around the set to put you off your suspecting trail A Murder Is Announced will leave you breathless with shock and amusement as the audience and cast try to work out who killed the stranger and why.

With unsuspecting suspects and family secrets to bring the killer to their knees, amazing lighting and sound will turn a night out at the theatre into a night that will make you feel part of the action. Accents to bring the feel of a small English town to life, and sound effects to make you jump, A Murder Is Announced is a play not to be missed by mystery lovers.

You can catch this unmissable whodunit play with impeccable performances at The Genesian Theatre, Sydney, from May 12 th until June 24th .