Adults Only Magic Show Review

Reviewed by Odette McCarthy

Sam and Justin delivered quite an unexpected night of hilarity. Initial imagery of ‘Adults Only’ may be let down (no adverse nudey-rudey human anatomy reveals, apart from a couple of handsome man boobies). HOWEVER, you will be in for a night of unwarranted laughter! Two nerdy little magic men (can you imagine a magician being anything other than that!) perform an array of tricks which will be... if you have never before seen Derren Brown and his mentalistic, hypnotistic, psychologistic schemes before, these two Aussies will WOW you outta your comfy red seats! If you are a Derren Brown or sleight of hand fan, you will uncannily most likely still find yourself laughing at the immature yet unforeseen jokes.

The out-of-where back story monologue, (which I supposed was covering a change of clothes, scenery or trickery), was unnecessary and quite trivially depicted. 

When a trick was about to go wrong, Sam and Justin acknowledged this with their apparent wit and humour. I hated myself for laughing, but that was my immediate and gut response.

The branding of ‘ADULTS ONLY’ may capture audiences, but do not expect any Magic Mike material... But you will encounter the jaunty, jovial likes of jubilant Justin, plus salacious Sam, who struts his sorcery shit.