After The Dance

Reviewed by Georgia Cassimatis

Set in the decadence of the 1930s, ‘After The Dance’ is about London’s hedonistic, trustfunder, society, who have ended up going nowhere but remaining in the bubble of their own ‘illusion’, or ‘delusion’, as the country is on the brink of world war.

With its themes of alcoholism, ennui, social façade and ‘marriage’, famous English playwright Terrence Rattigan’s masterpiece is mesmerizing yet poignant, with its funny yet tragic exploration of human nature.

Based around the story of a married couple; would-be writer David and his socialite wife Joan, both like their alcohol and endless parties, until a tragic turn takes place when David falls for a much younger woman who believes in David’s ‘potential’. Not even the alcohol fused, debauched parties and hangovers can sustain the reality that relationships are falling through the cracks and addictions are destroying lives.

Mirroring contemporary society with its capitalistic nature, current political unrest and love of the superficial and the façade, the themes are intriguing. When partygoer ‘John’ says he drinks to make people less boring, in the end, it is David who discovers that he needs the drink to mask his fear that they’ll discover there’s not much there.

The fabulous 1930s set design, costumes and brilliant acting, all fuse together to create an utterly engaging performance.

Tip: Arrive early to peruse the nearby vintage stores, cafes, art shops, cocktail and wine lounges nearby which showcase Newtown’s bohemian, artsy flavor.

After The Dance

New Theatre, 542 King Street, Newtown

Season: 10 August – 9 September 2017

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Photos by Bob Seary