Blanc de Blanc Encore Review

Reviewed by Cynthia Ning

Excitement was in the air for the premier of Blanc de Blanc Encore as we strutted our stuff in our sparkly whites to the gorgeously renovated venue, The Grand Electric in Surry Hills with a history spanning back to the Australian Railway Union in the 1930’s. The revival of the space featured vintage cabaret style décor mirrors, and intimate seating arrangements with a second circular stage mirroring the centre stage, keeping some of the old interior railings, doubling as platform booths.

We were welcomed by warm staff members dressed in vintage-themed blacks and a glass of bubbles in the open foyer which set the mood for the night. The deep blue lighting enveloped us as we stepped into the theatre, and we were cast under its spell.

The theme of champagne ties in with the name of the performance from the circular set design, sparkling costumes, props, and bubbles which exuded luxury and playfulness. The attention to detail was a chef’s kiss and nothing was missed. We were encouraged to sit right up at the front to be part of the action and are so glad we did (I highly recommend you secure the ringside VIP tickets, it’s worth it). Being early birds does have its perks as we got to chat with the lovely host (Félix Pouliot) before the show.

There was a wonderful variety of acts from around the world including Chinese acrobats, aerials and much more from the international cast: Caitlin Tomson-Moylan (USA), Emma Phillips (New Zealand), Remi Martin (Germany/France), Félix Pouliot, Léah Wolff and Spencer Craig all hailing from Canada with Australian talents, Melanie Hawkins and Rechelle Mansour.

The hosts, Félix and Remi were a dynamic duo who had amazing chemistry together and got the audience in stitches as we burst out in laughter with the absurd comedy, tongue-in-cheek jokes and theatrics. Apart from this being a feast for the eyes, it was also a sensory experience where we could touch certain props amongst the seductive chaos making for a clever transition into the next act.

Each performance was well-paced and had the audience glued to their seats.

Please note and pay attention to the safety guidelines from the staff members and hosts to ensure the cast can perform in, around and above the audience as you will be in close proximity to them, and each act will involve stunt work and walkway paths between the seats.

A big congratulations to Scott Maidment (Creative Director) who has brought to life childlike wonder and play for adults in a spectacular fantasy world. This delectable performance gave an exhilarating rush of endorphins, with the hilarious audience participation being the cherry on top. We were grinning from ear to ear the entire way through and didn’t want the show to end.

This would be the perfect Hens/Bucks night, date night, girls’ night out or gift to yourself!

The event was a truly joyous experience from the dream team and props to the outstanding behind-the-scenes operation from the crew in creating this magical performance.

A fantastic night out not to be missed. 5/5 stars.